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Jeremy Deller
Acid Brass project

Acid Brass came about through a frenzied conversation in a pub one hot summer’s night. The idea was simply for a brass band to play Acid House anthems. As The History of the World diagram (map) attempts to illustrate, the two musical forms have much in common, with obvious traces to folk music and political activism in each case. The UK’s number one brass band, the Williams Fairey Stockport, were the first to perform the material in Liverpool (with Tony Wilson as Master of Ceremonies). Their arranger, Rodney Newton, did all the work transposing the scores.*

On the occasion of the Monument to Now opening, the performance was recreated with the one-hundred-and-twenty-member brass band of the Municipality of Athens.

* Taken from: Jeremy Deller, Life to Blame for Everything. Collected work & projects 1992-99, p.53
Art : Concept, Paris
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